The Most Interesting Things About Golf

The most interesting thing about golf is how much it reflects life.

A great golf shot is a thing of beauty. It feels great, in a way few other sporting actions can. But a great shot doesn't necessarily yield a great result. The wind can suddenly gust. The ball may bounce off a sprinkler head. The putt may hit a spike mark and turn off course. You can play really well, and still have a crappy score.

But at the same time, the better you are, the better your score will be, on average.

And you will have those blessed days when every bounce goes your way. Somehow you just can't miss. You beat your handicap by several strokes. This doesn't happen often, but when it does, you will believe the gods have smiled upon you.

Golf is not determinate ; it is probabilistic, like the decay of a radioactive isotope. Like life.

And you probably have a maximum level of competence. No matter how hard you work, you won't get better beyond a certain level. Most people never work hard enough to find that level, and that's depressing. But hitting that level is also depressing, because you know you can do better, you just know. Except the data shows you can't.